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This is Loyalist Taekwon-do's 10th year at giving martial arts instruction out of the Boys & Girls Club, downtown, Kelowna. last Taekwondo classKlaya, Tristan & Ms. Zissoff, Ronan and David
(Picture Courtesy of Kari Stock)
Thanks for the certificate, wine & chocolates, everyone.....I wish you all a great summer!

Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and Indomitable SpiritThese fundamental Taekwon-do tenets are the foundation of our Kelowna martial arts school, located at the Okanagan Boys & Girls Club, Martin Avenue Community Centre, 1434 Graham Street. We provide regularly updated information in relation to Loyalist Taekwon-do School in Kelowna, BC, including testing loyalist logoresults, tournaments, updated manual information for students, etc.
If you are interested in taking 2 free classes to try out our school, please contact us or show up at the dojang...and please be aware...parents always attend free while their child/children attend classes.
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